Tom Fowler


Theater Division



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Mailing address:


621 New Castle Road / Farrell, PA 16121


(724) 342-1771 Phone - (724) 342-2241 Fax


Assistant: Melissa Fowler


Tom has been in the entertainment business since 1974 as the tenor and lead singer for a national touring show, The Chords.  He started full time with Capitol Booking Service in 1980 with David Musselman, working in Fairs and Festivals.

Tom started the Theater Division of Capitol shortly after, and has been working almost exclusively in this part of the business ever since.  It has been an extremely rewarding experience to work with the incredible PACs in his territory and meet the wonderful people in this end of the business.  Tom has specialized in Country, Pop and Contemporary Christian artists for his clients, but is excited to book any type of artist that tours across the country.

Tom and his wife, Millie, have 2 children; Matthew, 24 and Melissa, 22.  They are very active in their local church and participate in the music program as worship leaders and Tom directs the choir.

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