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This One of a Kind exhibit shows what hard work and ingenuity has accomplished through the years. Patrons will learn about and witness
Historically Correct demonstrations of how young America grew to today! They will also see how this country was built with the help of
animals, for this exhibit is true representation of the animal’s contribution to helping us become what we are today. 




Entire Exhibit Now For Sale. 

We will deliver it to you for a permanent installation.




SPECIAL NOTE: It is important to all of us who knew and loved Michael Sandlofer and were so positively touched by his life, to share with whomever ends up purchasing this exhibit the following:

What goes with every piece is the dream of Michael Sandlofer to teach and learn from the past.  His passion for preservation, care of animals, conservation, agricultural education of the youth and patriotism to his country were unparalleled.  I have been in the fair and people business for over 30 years and Michael, in the 10 years that I knew him, taught me humility, kindness from a position of strength and to never be afraid of anything.  He was a man of faith who cared deeply about the preservation of our country our land and our animals.

We lost Michael Feb 8, 2016.  But he was a fighter and that was evident to the end. There will never be any one else like him.  But if his collection of historic equipment is used properly, his dream will be accomplished as young people learn our American Heritage. ~ David Musselman

Everyone wants to teach the children and adults for that matter how our ancestors did it; how they cut wood, made syrup, made ice cream and many
more historically correct activities. Patrons who visit us will actually get to do it in a historically correct setting, supervised by people who really care and
enjoy teaching others about our old heritage. This is a wonderful program for any fair and visitors will go home with some history in their hearts.

Horse driven well drilling rig

















Watch Kids Learn and Interact Below






























Last Updated 8/25/2019

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