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The Pirates of The Sky Caribbean Stunt Show produced by the World Famous Nerveless Nocks. High risk and extreme danger 80 feet over head! Swashbuckling aerial adventures! The pirates execute the most breathtaking and dangerous stunts in this action packed themed stunt production.

A one of a kind family thrill show! Unique in the world, the pirates defy gravity 50 ft. in the air revolving head over heels on a giant aerial anchor.  The Sky Pirates slide upside down hanging by their ankles on a high wire and at the very last minute the high wire breaks in half throwing the stunt pirates in different directions in midair.  Themed to music with a complete story line this test of courage is themed "to the winner go the spoils". 


The Pirates of the Sky has Las Vegas costuming, is fully insured and is presented with a pirate themed Hollywood show set. This show has been featured around the world including Mexico City for Coca Cola, Disney California and Orlando, Super Bowl 2004, Maxim Magazine Party and many more.  


The New Show, Pirates of The Sky Stunt Spectacular





















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