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Dog owners will love the opportunity to to find their inner dog trainer and learn how much fun dog training can be!

Carolyn Rice, successful animal trainer and performer, offers educational opportunities to accompany her Puppies of Penzance act. She demonstrates how to teach simple tricks to any dog and how to connect and communicate with your dog through clear and simple methods. This presentation is appropriate for all ages.



A typical educational demonstration clinic lasts 30 minutes and includes the following:
  • Meet the dogs: Carolyn shares how unwanted dogs become athletic and happy trick dogs.
  • About dog training: Carolyn discusses the benefits that training can have for both dog and owner, how dog training can help you build a better relationship with your dog, and how training can help you gain confidence with your pet.
  • How to train your dog to be like a puppy of penzance: Carolyn shows how simple dog training can be and demonstrates training techniques that any dog owner can master!
  • Questions and answers: Carolyn answers audience questions to help dog owners apply what they learned.
A typical booking would include two daily performances of Puppies of Penzance and one demonstration clinic daily. Carolyn will work with any client to configure a demonstration performance that best fits the needs of the event and clientele. This includes negotiating the length of the show, offering small clinics or seminars, or working with local clubs/groups such as local shelters, 4H groups, dog clubs, and pet stores.




“It went great. Carolyn was so awesome to work with.  Our crowds love the puppies.It was a great experience.”

Lisa Smart, Nashville Harvest Festival













The Puppies of Penzance from Capitol International Production on Vimeo.




















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