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International Special Attractions, Ltd. presents a new twist on an age old theme, traditional Asian acrobatics performed to today’s latest pop, electronic, hip-hop, dance club & rock recording and re-mix artists. These extreme athletes take it to the max in an ultra-modern performance designed to thrill today’s teen and youth market.


Extreme athletes present their amazing skills to the rhythm of today’s youth. With incredible acts that defy gravity performed to the music by Jay-Z, Nelly, Foo Fighters, the Chemical Brothers, Dirty Vegas, Propellerheads, Rob Zombie, Black Keys and others, this show targeted to the teen and young adult market. Acts feature live, on stage, thrilling action, impossible contortion, and breathtaking strength to dynamic music from blockbuster movies such as The Incredibles, the Matrix, Van Helsing, Chronicles of Riddik, Gone in 60-Seconds, Austin Powers Goldmember, I-Robot, and others. Acts include:

  • “Pimp my Juggle” - Amazing Stunts & Juggling keyed to “Pimp my Ride”
  • “This ain’t no Twista Sista” – Spinning Meteors or Diabolo Yo-Yo.
  • “Rap it Bendo” - Extreme Contortion to the latest from the brothers.
  • “Punk Poles” – Pole Climbing or Shoulder Pole a-la Men in Black.
  • “Hip-hop Hoops” – Hoop Diving to a distinctively LA rhythm.
  • “My Life High” – A Tower of Chairs reach to the sky.


Now, for the first time, the elegant talent of traditional China enjoyed by millions for over 3,000 years is catapulted into the future in production brings new meaning to Fast and Furious!





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Last modified: July 24, 2001