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    James Johnson performs with high energy and creativity that delivers rapid-fire award winning comedy with unique magical effects, spontaneous comic routines, astonishing daredevil stunts, fast paced knee slapping music and interactive audience participation. It's total entertainment from beginning to end. Audiences of all ages never know what is coming next in this whirlwind show.

    James dazzles audiences by inviting people inside a giant latex bubble --also known as a balloon. People are in total disbelief when James convinces people that he is actually going inside a balloon and someone is coming in with him! Smallest to largest of course!

    James is the only person in the world that does this type of show with a very special balloon. His legendary balloon stunt has travel all across North America and as far as China! He currently holds the record of 18 adults inside a giant 6 foot latex balloon. It's a show that you have to see to believe!


"Excellent to work with.  I was especially impressed with the crowd the balloon guy drew for the stage show.  I think I underestimated what he would draw!"
Candi Briley



    Audience participation is always fun for all!




A Well Rounded Entertainer with Options!
Street Magician just like seen on TV!
Stilt walking 10 feet in the air!
Riding a five foot unicycle
Balloon Twister Extraordinaire
Interactive Juggler juggling razor sharp machetes and flaming torches
Escaping from a straight jacket and other interactive magic tricks
Riding Canada's smallest bicycle


James' priority is exceptional service and satisfaction while providing quality entertainment. He started his business with integrity and plans to continue serving his customers with the very best service possible.


September 25, 2016........."James was awesome-----we was a crowd pleaser and was a joy to work with.
We captured some great photos and video clips we shared on our DelGrosso’s Amusement Park facebook page.

Amy Mearkle
Director of Marketing
DelGrosso's Amusement Park, Inc.


"The World Record Balloon Show came to the Calgary Stampede in 2006 and our patrons really enjoyed it. James is a professional entertainer with enthusiasm and loads of energy, it's contagious. The best thing about James' shows are that they are different every single time he always has some new twist for the audience, we had people coming back to watch the show again and again.
Thanks James for your support I look forward to working with you again."

Dan Finley
Entertainment Manager - Calgary Stampede

Some of James' "OTHER TALENTS"
Johnson’s Ultimate Escapes
If you have booked the latex bubble show and are looking to continue having James Johnson as part of your entertainment budget then this is the show for you. After many hours of research and practice James Johnson has developed a show that incorporates what he has learned from the many years performing. People are amazed at how an entertainer can survive all odds and come out alive! The more crazy and scarier the better! As sad as this sounds people want to see someone risk their life. Keep in mind that James is very cautious and safe when he performs all his shows. It the audience that think to themselves they would never in a million years do what James does!
The new show is called Johnson’s Ultimate Escapes. This show includes escapes that thrill audiences and demonstrate incredible human endurance. Since James finished writing his health and wellness book called “What the heath are you eating?” he has been fascinated with the power of the mind and human achievement. This led him to test his own abilities and strive to beat the impossible. Daredevil escapes have always astounded James. He now has the opportunity to pass on his personal human achievements in his new show that some say downright amazing. The techniques James uses go back to as far as the Houdini days. The show includes hanging high in the air as he escapes from a straight jacket upside down, holding his breath under water tied in shackles fighting for his life to get out of a clear plexi-glass cube, and escaping from chains and restraints from which the audience participates as he struggles to escape a 55 galloon drum. This show is interactive and daring to really entertain the most amounts of people at once. A mobile crane is required to make this show the most it can be.
10 ft. tall stilt walker named "The High Guy"
Being ten feet tall, wearing a colourful costume and walking around socializing with an audience or fair goers is fun for all ages. The best thing about stilt walking is that it is a form of entertainment that covers a lot of ground and goes over BIG. Having a stilt walker is a great way to entertain large volumes of people, without setting up a stage! James Johnson as a 10 foot tall stilt walker is impressively agile and can move around easily in crowded areas. His stilts make him a crowd pleaser because he cruises so high in the air! People are amazed to see someone twice there size give them a high five or even walk through the stilt walkers legs for good luck.
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