Current Guinness Book record holder since 1993 with 11 balls!



 WORLD RECORD JUGGLER! Shows include lots of highly skilled technical juggling, comedy, audience participation, elements of danger, unicycling and also the very unusual super tall 3 wheeled unicycle and much more. Appropriate for all ages. Bruce Sarafian has held juggling WORLD RECORDS consistently since 1993 to this very day and has been listed in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for many years now!



Bruce Sarafian from Capitol International Production on Vimeo.



Experience and quality of juggling speaks for itself. Bruce not only first broke the world record in juggling that held for over 60 years, but also won the international numbers juggling championship gold medal 3 different years as well.

ALL Performances WILL include the following:

* Lots of Comedy (appropriate for all ages)

* Lots of Audience Participation

* Professional attire and inviting, friendly personality

* Lots of HIGHLY SKILLED TECHNICAL juggling (Possibly up to 10 ball juggling)

* Unicycling (Including the 3 wheeled 7 1/2 ft super tall unicycle)

* Elements of 'danger' (I.E. Fire, Blades, Dynomite, Steel Pick-ax, Machete, etc)

Bruce Sarafian Juggler
Bruce Sarafian World Record JugglerBruce SarafianBruce Sarafian

Colorado State Fair 2010

 "Sarafian is not just a dazzling juggler. He's also a world record holder. In 1993, he successfully juggled 11 beanbag balls — a record, according to the Guinness Book of  World Records. Anyone who ever has juggled even three balls can only imagine how frantically the hands must move to keep 11 beanbags in flight.

   "Then I got a message in 1996 from a guy who said he'd matched my record, so I went straight out and juggled 12," Sarafian said proudly. That's still the record, he added.
   So, if anyone is thinking about attempting the 12-ball juggle, just remember Sarafian has torches, machetes and saw blades in his bag of tricks."


Bruce Sarafian entertains Fairgoers with his juggling routine atop 9-foot-tall unicycle.

Colorado State Fair

Bruce's Current Stats:

* Current Guinness Book record holder since 1993 with 11 balls.

(Broke the previous record of 10 balls that held up for well over 60 years.)

* Broke his own Guinness Book record again in 1996 with 12 balls.

* First Juggler to be listed by the GUINNESS BOOK for 12 objects of ANY kind.

* Currently ranked by the JIS committee on Numbers Juggling (Official Juggling Record Authority) as #1 in THREE (3) different catagories.

* Won international ‘Numbers Juggling’ competitions mulitple years.

* Won international 5 ball endurance competitions multiple years.

* Won European 7 ball endurance competition.

* Currently ranked by the IJDB as #1 in TWELVE (12) different catagories.

* FIRST juggler worldwide to juggle 5 balls for over ONE HOUR without a single drop.

* World Record holder for juggling 7 balls in a complete circle for over 80 catches.

* ONLY juggler worldwide to ever juggle 8 balls in a complete circle.

* World Record holder for a duration run of passing 13 balls with another juggler - held since 1997.

* Current World Record holder for juggling 8 balls (stacked multiplex) for over the 2 minute mark without a single drop.

* The ONLY known juggler able to currently juggle 10 balls (stacked multiplex cascade) for over 60 catches without a single drop.

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