Themed High Diving show productions

Below are some of the latest high dive show themes such as Sinbad, Arctic Games, Jungle Island, Alcatraz and more.

As you look through this site you will see incredible themed decorations and costumes to completly transform high diving into a spectacular production. Audiences are sure to enjoy lots of thrills, spills and comedy splashes! 





Clay County Fair 2014








Trampoline Pyramid



These divers leap off a platform at over 80
feet in the air (equivalent to an 8-story building), spinning and twisting during this fun themed spectacular production.




For "Double Dive-Set Shows", ask about the following:





























Alcatraz – The Rock! (WATCH VIDEO)

Come and watch the fun and frolic of the annual diving contest between the prisoners and the guards.  Unbelievable actions and comedy as the prisoners get time for practice and throw hilarious dives from 3m springboards and 10m platform in order to get the edge on the guards that won this contest for the past 10 years. 

PLOT: A new Warden has the responsibility of running a prison that travels around the country for promoting good behavior and continues to look for a few bad men.  In order to have a fair contest, we enlist the help of the audience and their applause will help determined the winner.  Problems ensue when the warden overrides the audience’s selection.





Sinbad,  “In Search of the Golden Pineapple”. (WATCH VIDEO)

 Watch Sinbad in his quest to find the fabled Golden Pineapple.  He and his band of Gold Seekers find the book of knowledge that directs the team to go to the Island of (Fair name) to finish their search.




Arctic Games ~ "One of the most requested themes in the past 4 years." (WATCH VIDEO)

An energetic trainer starts to train several elite penguins for the upcoming Arctic Olympic Games.  For the first couple of dives all goes well, then the food runs out and the trainer must leave to replenish the food bucket with more treats.  The Penguins (cleverly dressed humans) take this opportunity to have fun and frolic on the boards.  When the trainer returns, he is invited to take part in this play session.  After the fun is over the Penguins show off and perform real Olympic dives.  The penguins show off their ability and perform the High Dive from over 80’ high to introduce high diving as an Olympic event.  A Fire Dive is performed on the last show for the closing ceremonies. 





The Jungle Island Adventure (WATCH VIDEO)

This fun dive show made its debut at the Kern County Fair, CA in 2006. The show was specifically produced for their Jungle-theme fair,  featuring; the tiger, zebra, leopard, giraffe, and monkey running through the crowds and performing their acrobatics on the trampoline, the diving boards and the famous 80 foot ladder.  This show is completely covered in greenery both around the pool and upper deck.  The audience gave the show rave reviews and no family was left untouched by the energy of all the animals’ activities.





Splash Circus

See this classic high dive show with all the pageantry of the Olympic Games.  This show will keep you spellbound with Olympic style diving from the 3 meter boards, as well as the 5 and 10 meter platforms consistent with the Olympic Games.  The similarity stops there as the clowns break in and cause pandemonium on the set and cause the audience to break out in laughter and amazement at the comedy antics of these creative acrobatic performers.






Let us take you on a journey through the Islands with background music from the 60's.  Before the diving begins, the audience is warmed up with a trampoline demonstration and the children participate in the limbo contest.  After the fun with the audience the natives go up to the boards to display their magnificence on the boards.  Comedy dives and skilled routines delight the crowd with a breathtaking 80' High Dive to close out the show.  Beware of Pele the Fire God who makes an appearance at the last show to light up the night.



























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