Remember the days of Camelot and the excitement of the Kennedy years.  This is the largest traveling exhibition of JFK that includes hundreds of authentic items from his life and Presidency. Climb aboard the JFK Air Force One replica Boeing 707 fuselage and see the Presidential Quarters as they were on November 22, 1963.  See personal items owned by President Kennedy. Exhibit items such as original documents, letters and artifacts are shown cased or enclosed.  JFK Exhibition is also an interactive show! Guests stand at the Presidential Podium in the White House newsroom.  Have your photo taken behind the famous Oval Office Resolute Desk replica.






It was under John F. Kennedy that presidential air travel officially entered the jet age. He had used the Eisenhower-era
jets for trips to Canada, France, Austria and the United Kingdom. However, in October 1962, the administration
purchased a C-137 Stratoliner, a modified long-range 707—Special Air Mission (SAM) 26000.
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Watch Promo Video Below

J.F.K. Experience at the 2014 San Diego County Fair from Capitol International Production on Vimeo.












LAST UPDATED July 7, 2014

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