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SHOW DESCRIPTION: Three Completely different shows each day on the self-contained stage:

1. Professor Newton Science Show
Come along with Professor Newton as he gives your fair guests a true STEAM education experience. This 30-minute audience interactive program showcases exciting science demonstrations with a theatrical presentation - created especially for families.

2. Chester Mouse Funhouse

 The Chester Mouse Funhouse Show combines comedy magic and ventriloquism to create an entertaining interactive audience program. Chester is a talking mouse, presented as “an experiment gone wrong”. This family style show is fun, fast paced and entertaining. 

3. Merry Heart Funtime Gameshow

 A game show for the whole family! Audience members use spatulas, frying pans, balloons, hula hoops, ping pong balls, wiffle balls, toilet paper and so much more to make this an enjoyable show for everybody! Plus, every kid participating gets a prize!



SHOW LENGTH: Up to three daily stage performances, approximately 25-30 minutes.


  • Turnkey, sound and lighting included. All necessary show materials.
  • All necessary Personnel
  • Colorful, 23’ stage.


  • Electricity (three 15/20­ amp circuits)
  • Security
  • 1 Hotel room
  • Bleachers, hay bales or other appropriate audience seating

AREA NEEDED: Preferred 30 'x 30' flat level indoor area with a 10-foot ceiling clearance.

Outdoor requirements:

  • 30’x30’ area for stage, not including audience seating area.
  • Area needs to be level.
  • Area cannot be subject to flooding
  • Asphalt or cement is preferred to grass whenever possible.

SET­UP & TEAR­DOWN: Once spotted, 3 hours for set­up. 3 hours tear­down


PUBLICITY AND VIDEO AVAILABLE: Interview publicity available. No video available.

PRICE: ($7000 for 7 days) ($5000 for 5 days) ($4200 for 4 day) ($3300 for 3 day) Weekly minimum price may be in effect depending on miles and travel costs.









Last Updated 11/22/19


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