An all day interactive exhibit featuring knowledgeable educators to teach your patrons.

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This wonderful exhibit is an all-day interactive exhibit featuring knowledgeable educators to teach your patrons.   

The world’s only traveling, self-contained Stingray Exhibit!  Let your patrons safely view and touch these wonderful creatures during your event and receive a hands-on educational experience. A video and audio presentation runs continuously during operation hours and knowledgeable staff members are on duty at all times answering questions that patrons may have about the Sea Life.  



"Stingray Encounter was great.  Everyone Loved it!"

Jonathan Howard,  CEO, Colusa County Fair,  CA


AREA NEEDED:  45’ width x 35’ depth (flat area)








Promo Video





  • Hands-on Educational Exhibit of Stingrays
  • Display available for 10 hours per day
  • Educator will be available to interact with patrons

SHOW LENGTH:   All Day Exhibit (8 hours max) The exhibit will close for 30 minutes every 3 hours for the animals to rest

NUMBER OF HOTEL ROOMS:  N/A, show personal must be able to stay with exhibit

SHOW SUPPLIES: (Spec designs Below)

  • Adolescent Stingrays that have their defensive barbs removed and are safe to touch
  • Stingray Touch Tank
  • Uniformed Educators on hand during open hours
  • Food for Stingrays (Patrons can purchase for $3 food to hand feed the stingrays)
  • All necessary sound and lighting
  • A video and audio presentation that runs continuously
  • Signage and Props
  • $2,000,000.00 General Liability Insurance
  • Fencing and Backdrop
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations

NOTE: The show travels with approximately 1000 gallons of Filtered water with a filtration system set up for 5000 gallons, so the water is very clean.

Approximately 10- 15 Stingrays come with the encounter.  Once set up approximately 1800 gallons of filtered water is use, that is safe for humans to pet the stingrays. 


  • On-site parking for 45ft trailer with water, electric & sewage hookups or pump out for unit 1. (This is the show trailer which also doubles as living quarters)
  • Onsite Parking for show trailer and truck camper with water and electric hook-ups (unit 2 only)
  • Electricity: 50-amp 220-volt hookup from 1-day prior and through the duration of the event. (24 hours per day) (If truck Camper cannot be onsite then a RV spot will be needed with water and a 30-amp electric hook-up)
  • Water at show site, one-day prior (200 to 400 gallons of water will be used to fill up tanks. This amount varies based on the unit provided.)
  • Drain at show site, one-day prior (Drain is used to dispose 200-400 gallons of salt water at end of run.  50 gallons of salt water is drained every day)
  • Show members must be able to stay with exhibit 24/7 while they are at your event.  This applies to indoors and outdoor events.
  • Outdoor location with temperatures of 90 degrees then Ice would need to be provided by fair
  • All necessary entrance passes for vehicles and or personnel

AREA NEEDED:  45’(w) x 35’ (d) flat level area needed




SET-UP & TEAR-DOWN: 8 hours set-up; 4 hours tear-down



COST:$7,500.00 per week, depending on routing and time of year (1 hotel room may need provided depending on which stingray unit is available at the time of interest)













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Last modified: 2/27/2019