High energy acrobatics mingled with live music and dance.


Witness spectacular choreographed routines involving fast pyramid building, limbo, contortion, bottle balancing, chair stacks and hand balancing all set to African beats.


Enjoy Our Promo Video




“Omg! They were amazing and the sweetest. I want to go ahead
and book them for next year."

Erin Hart ( Special Events Supervisor )
City of Grand Prairie PARD



"They did an OUTSTANDING JOB! Everything was great -
super to work with, super with our fairgoers."

Jeremy Parsons, Manager
Clay County Fair



"Thank you for following up! The guys were great!

I am still hearing kids talk about their great tricks!
The guys were wonderful to work with and put on a great performance."

Ilana Knobel, Baltimore Country Club



They were great.
Super working with you."

John Richards
St. Mary’s County Fair












In Europe, we were voted best corporate participatory variety show. In America, we are starting to work with major associations, sales meetings, conventions and product launches, to liven up stiff audiences and energize the most boring meetings. No one has ever seen anything like what we do before! We get people energized, with lively dance music, unbelievable feats of acrobatics that never seems to stop. We are especially well suited for young "hip" companies like those in the computer, electronic, entertainment or information technology industries. This exciting half hour of thrills will motivate, invigorate and participate in the most memorable night they have had in quite some time.

Because of the energetic style of our show, it was natural that we would work with almost every NBA basketball team as one of their favourite half time entertainment shows. Since then we have also started doing shows for NFL, NHL, MLB and WNBA teams as well as opening for the 1999 World Cup of Soccer and the Pan-Am Games. There is no better 6 - 10 minutes in show business. This is why we are doing so many television shows and concert tour openings. If you want to attract attention to your product with a high energy, pumping show you simply have to call for the Tanzanite Acrobats!

This is our bread and butter. We are obviously a cultural phenomenon which has elements of traditional African dance and music, both taped and live. It has a never-before-seen-in-America quality which is sure to be a hot with audiences everywhere. It is very accessible, so that you can watch the show entirely for its entertainment value and forget that it is representative of a foreign culture. It speaks in the universal language of the imagination. As a background for the education of younger audiences, we have a ready-made study guide and I would be remissed if I claimed that I made it; it was made for us by Maranne Welch of the Pittsburgh International Children's Theatre Festival. This is only one of many North American presenters we have worked with which include: Brooklyn Centre, Chitauqua Arts Festival, Tribeca Centre, as well as several international festival in New York, Toronto, Adelaide, Perth, Hong Kong, Seattle, Chicage, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and more.

The show can work on any surface and is best performed as a twenty or thirty minute,
musical circus. The Tanzanites can do live, taped or hybrid music shows. There is no better or more memorable entertainment extravaganza, that your audiences will ever
see! They have have performed at over 300 festivals world wide, including the most recently Nickelodian's Summer Kickoff , Central Park Summerstage, the Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta and more.













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