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(Subject to Availability)


Those funny little people's lovable cowboy, "Billy Bob" is one of the most hilarious roving acts you'll find at a fair ! 
Using a mix of puppetry, life like costumed character, and spot on improv, this little guy appeals to audiences of all ages. He has the personality of that wacky lovable uncle "with no filter" that we all know and love ! After he takes time to meet and entertain your fair goers, they will walk away with a memory in video and pictures that they will share and laugh about for years.  His mobility and no requirement of a stage, makes him a great roving act that is very versatile.

( He can occasionally provide his female sidekick "Loretta". Lol. Subject to availability. She's a bit of a diva after all. )





Shake It Like A Shish-Ka-Bob at the Florida State Fair






SHOW LENGTH: Up to (4) 30 minute, appearances a day.





  • 2 costumed characters with built in body mics/speakers for roving segments
  • All necessary travel
  • All meals
  • 2 Hotel rooms


  • 1 staff member to assist performers during their appearances.
  • A secure, private, air-conditioned dressing room (at least 120 square feet) with electricity, fan for airing out and drying costumes, dressing mirror.
  • Transportation of characters on the grounds if needed. (golf cart)
  • Folding table with 6 chairs
  • A cooler with bottled water

SET-UP & TEAR-DOWN: 30 minutes to get into costume before an appearance.

MILES CAPABILITIES: Would fly in and out of the event, unless within a 5 hour drive from Chicago.

PUBLICITY AND VIDEO AVAILABLE: Video clips & pdf photos are available for your advertising designs, custom designed fliers available for an additional fee

REFERENCES AVAILABLE: Yes. Those Funny Little People have been performing since 1979.


14 Days $10,000 (includes 1 hotel room, 11 nights)
13 Days $9,500 (includes 1 hotel room, 11 nights)
12 Days $9,000 (includes 1 hotel room, 11 nights)
11 Days 8,500 (includes 1 hotel room, 11 nights)
10 Days 8,000 (includes 1 hotel room, 10 nights)
9 Days 7,500 (includes 1 hotel room, 9 nights)
7 Days 6,000 (includes 1 hotel room, 7 nights)
6 Days 5,200 (includes 1 hotel room, 6 nights)
5 Days 4,500 (includes 1 hotel room, 5 nights)

4 Days $3,750 (includes 1 hotel room, 4 nights)
3 Days 3,000 (includes 1 hotel room, 3 nights)

(If buyer supplies hotel rooms then $200 per day can be deducted from the selling price) If over 1000 miles extra expenses may apply.









Call 1-800-278-0002






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Last modified: May 26, 2021