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SHOW DESCRIPTION: Those Funny Little People are a unique mix of Costumed Character & Puppetry that perform a stage show featuring music, dance, comedy & hilarious audience interaction with costumes and music that can fit almost any theme. In addition they are known for their roving & interactive appearances throughout your event. Their “miked” characters allow them to chat & joke with your guests as they pose for souvenir pictures.

SHOW LENGTH: Up to 4 shows per day (stage or roving). 20 minute stage shows;
30 minute roving shows


  • 2 costumed characters ¬†with built in body mikes/speakers for roving segments
  • All necessary travel
  • All meals
  • Prerecorded sound (on CD & IPOD)
  • 2 Hotel rooms


  • 1 staff member to assist performers during their appearances
  • A secure, private, air-conditioned dressing room (at least 120 square feet) with electricity, fan for airing out and drying costumes, dressing mirror.
  • Sound system for the stage performance with CD/IPOD capabilities
  • Transportation of characters on the grounds if needed. (golf cart)
  • Folding table with 6 chairs
  • A cooler with bottled water

AREA NEEDED: Level stage area at least 15’ X 15’, if on risers will need sturdy stairs for easy access to crowd. Riser not required if performing on concrete or asphalt surface (no grass or gravel)

SET-UP & TEAR-DOWN: 30 minutes to get into costume before an appearance. There are no staging or props for set up/tear down

MILES CAPABILITIES: Would fly in and out of the event, unless within a 5 hour drive from Chicago.

PUBLICITY AND VIDEO AVAILABLE: Video clips & pdf photos are available for your advertising designs, custom designed fliers available for an additional fee

REFERENCES AVAILABLE: Yes. Those Funny Little People have been performing since 1979.

COST: 11 Days: $15,800 (includes 2 hotel room, 11 nights)
10 Days: $14,500 (includes 2 hotel room, 10 nights)
9 Days: $13,300 (includes 2 hotel room, 9 nights)
7 Days: $10,500 (includes 2 hotel room, 7 nights)
5 Days: $7,800 (includes 2 hotel room, 5 nights)
3 Days: $5,160 (includes 2 hotel room, 3 nights)
(If buyer supplies hotel rooms then $200 per day can be deducted fr om the selling price) If over 1000 miles extra expenses may apply.






Call 1-800-278-0002






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Last modified: August 12, 2019