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Wesley Williams' ability to instantly connect with an audience creates an unequalled atmosphere that has you on the edge of your seat and belly laughing at the same time! Watch comedy and danger collide, as he performs original tricks like riding the seven foot completely offset unicycle while blindfolded, setting his jump rope to flames on his four wheel unicycle, escaping a straitjacket atop one of his colossal giraffe unicycles, or even bringing a volunteer from the audience to get in on the action!




Wesley Williams - The One Wheel Wonder is the KING of all the unicycle performers, make no mistake about it. There are approximately seven billion people on planet earth, and hundreds of thousands of performing unicyclists worldwide. Yet, there is not one other person on earth that can say they ride “The World’s Tallest Rideable Unicycle” certified by Guinness World Records themselves.

Keeping the audience on the edge of their seat with his thrilling and charismatic presentation, Wesley Williams has been a hit at practically every venue around the globe, from America’s Got Talent to The Today Show, The Gong Show to Britain’s Got Talent, Jeopardy! to The Great Moscow State Circus, and everywhere in between! One success after another has led this first generation performer to a magnificent career starting at age six and leading him to perform at some of the most prestigious stages around the world. A high energy show loved by all and seen by millions.












Ready to take your event to the next level? The options are endless… Wesley’s fully self-contained show is a fair favorite featuring every big trick and unique unicycle in his repertoire and finishing with his grand finale World Record Tallest Rideable Unicycle that can stop anyone in their tracks from near and far. Furthermore, if you are looking for a show to take over your stage, roll around the grounds providing street performances, or even add to what you already have going on with some ambience strolling entertainment, Wesley Williams is your guy!


The One Wheel Wonder Show can be also coupled with Captiol International Production’s NEWEST ANIMAL ATTRACTION PUPPY PALS COMEDIC STUNT DOG SHOW and function from the same space. With changeable backdrops, banners, branding you can have TWO SHOWS with off-setting showtimes in the area of ONE SHOW.











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Last modified: June 23, 2021