ODYSSEY "A MAGICAL JOURNEY"- ODYSSEY is an exciting, MAGICAL journey through space and time that you’ll never forget. Dale Scott & Ana have become “Americas fastest rising Stars of Magic” and their All New Production for 2015 features spectacular Illusions that all will enjoy.



SCOTT'S WORLD of MAGIC SHOW - NEW STAGE + FREE ROVING.....SCOTT’S future of MAGIC SHOW® now features its own SELF CONTAINED Concert of Magic Stage! Original Magic, State of the Art Staging, Lights & Sound have made it a focal point of Midway’s with HUGE CROWDS, GUARANTEED! WATCH VIDEO



The Future of Magic® - (Production Show) - Dale Scott & Ana are award winning illusionists that have performed throughout the world and have quickly become one of the most in demand talents! They Appear at the World Famous Magic Castle, Trump Casinos and have worked directly for the Marriott Family. The Future of Magic Show® is an exciting journey through space and time. You will experience original Grand Illusions, hilarious moments of Comedy Magic, a cool Futuristic Stage Set, spectacular Costumes & Special FX. Nothing brings them in like a great Magic Show… ILLUSIONARY ART at its VERY BEST! WATCH VIDEO



Scott's Crazy Comedy Magic Show - His "Stage Version" is of the strongest One Man Shows around. An ever popular mix of Magic, Hilarious Comedy and Family fun... is what to expect! As each show is packed with audience participation, "Huge Crowds" always Magically Appear! Scott's toured Nationally & Internationally for over 15 years. He's been featured at The Ohio State, Alabama & Georgia National Fairs, to name but a few. Don't miss him before he Disappears!  WATCH VIDEO





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