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Come and be greeted by our friendly sea lions who possess personality plus. One look in their eyes and it's love at first sight. With an appeal that's hard to resist, your children will be asking for one to take home with them.

The idea of the sea lion show originated when Squalus started taking in beached sea lions who where unable to be returned to the wild due to age or injuries and unable to provide food for themselves. Squalus provides a permanent home for these sea lions for the rest of their lives.

This show is the only traveling sea lion show in the United States. Squalus, Inc. ensures that the sea lions have more square footage of water per animal in the show than most sea lions have in the zoos. The animals' welfare and comfort is always placed first. Their transportation was designed specifically for the maximum comfort of the sea lions.

Squalus, Inc. is fully licensed by three federal agencies:
o National Marine Fisheries Department
o Marine Mammal Protection Agency

The natural exhibit is presented in a tropical setting with rocks, palm trees, waterfalls, foliage and two pools. One pool where the sea lions can be observed under water and one pool outside with a top view. The exhibit is situated so that the animals can be viewed from all sides during the show and also during breaks. Marco and Philip Peters have been recognized by millions of people for their always unique and exciting shows and exhibits. Let us invite you to their latest unique creation the Sea Lion Splash Show.

Showtime! Surfer Joe, trainer and host of the show, takes you through a thirty-minute spell binding show where he brings out the natural comedic behavior of these animals. These behaviors include in and out of water actions, balancing, catching and retrieving objects, handstands, dancing, singing and interaction with the audience.

The show is geared around educating the audience on the habits and nature of the sea lions with a lot of comedy thrown in. Sea lions are natural performers and will ad lib without prompting, stealing the show with their cute mischief.

The finale of the show provides the audience a magical moment with a close sea lion
encounter. Whether Showtime or not, sea lions will continuously provide entertainment by being their natural selves.

This sea lion traveling exhibit is safe for the animals as well as the audience, exciting and
surprisingly affordable.

Squalus Team Professional are dedicated to providing your event with an attraction that will thrill visitors as well as draw positive media coverage from TV, Radio and Newspapers.

This educational show will appeal to all ages and is a definite crowd pleaser and can be presented in five different languages.






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Last modified: October 22 , 2001