The BUTTERFLY ENCOUNTER - is a beautiful walk through experience with daily shows/demonstrations. The educational demonstrations educates the audience about the life cycle of a butterfly from the egg to the adult. One will also learn how to fix a broken butterfly wing, feed and interact with the buttertflies and butterfly kits are available so patrons can take home their very own butterfly.



NASCAR EXPERIENCE~ The Nascar Experience can put you behind the wheel of an authentic NASCAR race car and let you see what it's like to go bumper to bumper at "190 mph". This is the trainer that NASCAR drivers use before they race," the course, the engine noise roaring out of the amplifiers. Even the vibration is felt in the race car! It is a 4 speed shifter that give you precise timing.



PREHISTORIC DINOSAUR ADVENTURES-Prehistoric Dinosaur Adventures brings together a Unique Mobil Prehistoric walk thru Dinosaur Museum and thrilling up-close encounters with The King of Dinosaurs, "Tyrannosaurus Rex!"



THE ROBOT ZOO - This amazing interactive exhibit allows children to learn the bio-mechanics of complex animal robots to discover how real animals work. The Robot Zoo reveals the magic of nature as a master engineer. By using seven robot animals and more than a dozen hands on activities, it illustrates fascinating real life characteristics such as how a chameleon changes colors, a giant squid propels itself and a fly walks on the ceiling.



TREASURES OF KING TUT, EGYPTIAN EXHIBIT- Great interest in ancient Egyptian civilization arose in modern times following Napoleon Bonaparte’s expedition to Egypt in 1798. The Egyptian museum houses the largest and most important material sources on ancient Egyptian civilization. In 1980, the treasures of King Tut were displayed in San Francisco. After this trip to San Francisco the Egyptian Authorities decided the treasures would not leave the Egyptian museum. Fortunately, the Egyptian Art Center, a private Egyptian Company, began a project to produce exact replicas of the King Tut Treasures to be displayed outside of Egypt. These wonderful treasures have been displayed in Japan, Canada and the USA. Now Capitol International Productions has made arrangements with The Egyptian Art Center to bring these incredible artifacts to your event. Call for pricing.


Updated 04/27/2021
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