Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"I thoroughly enjoyed having Cowtown in the World of Agriculture.  Mike was a pleasure to work with, along with everyone that was here with him, he has a lot of good ideas and it fits in perfectly with the educational factor of my department. The shows were really interesting to all that participated, everyone came away with a smile from their experience particularly in milking a cow!  That doesn’t happen often in Miami.  There were some rough spots but we worked through them and hopefully will have Cowtown back again next year."


Carol Douglass
Competitive Exhibits Director
Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition, Inc.


The museum is housed in a 45' trailer, and the self contained exhibit measures 60' x 55'.



"People and animals existing and working side by side"


The museum exhibit contains an old time creamery where patrons participate in preparing: a cow for milking, milking by hand or machine, and pasteurizing for a finished product.

Through their bi-lingual demonstrations they show that agriculture has no barriers. Kids get hands-on experiences with the process of making butter and ice cream using historic tools and machines in these processes, and they learn the concept of “Home Made” just the way grandma used to do it!





Cowtown from Capitol International Production on Vimeo.


Hands-on demonstrations such as milking cows and goats, working
oxen, frontier tanning, making milk by- products are a big part
of the exhibit.




Experience what it is like to milk a real cow























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