"I must tell you we have received the most positive comments on this show,
he is so professional and relates so well with the fair goers. We will be purchasing
more bleachers as we will be needing 6 sets for his show.
Many thanks for sending him our way."

Marie McMillen, Manager Altamont Fair.


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  • Dogs
  • Uniformed trainers
  • Sound system
  • Performance tents
  • Performance trailer with AC for dogs
  • Frisbees
  • Inflatable dog and pennants
  • Show time sandwich boards
  • Live media interviews to promote the event
  • Insurance
  • USDA Requirement parameter set up
  • All necessary USDA documentation, vet records, etc.


    45’x 90‘grass surface; obstruction free and as level as possible. This area does not take into consideration setting their 27 ft trailer and tent up on one of the four sides (which requires an additional 18ft in width); nor does it take into consideration the space for spectators and bleachers - which are also to be provided by the event. The show is capable of performing on a hard surface by bringing in their own special artificial turf (36’ x 60’) which would need to be shipped in and out via a trucking company; which would be an additional expense for the venue.

NOTE: The show is capable of performing on a smaller area, but this has to be approved prior to signing a contract and it sometimes does affect certain aspects of some dog’s performances.


SET-UP & TEAR-DOWN: Minimum of 6 hours to set up, and approximately 2 hours to break down. They like to be set up at least 24 hours prior to their first show whenever possible in order to work the dogs on that area and get used to it themselves.


DAILY MILEAGE TRAVELED: 800 miles per day




COST:$10,500 per week ($2000 - $2500 per day for a 1 day event within a 300 mile radius of Jacksonville, Florida or a possible routed date.)






Fun Times at the 2019 FFF Convention



SHOW LENGTH: (3) 30 minute shows per day with a minimum of two hour recovery time between shows. Picture and autograph signing sessions are done after each show and they can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.




  • On-site parking for 44 ft Motor Coach with full hook-ups (Motor Coach needs to be as close as possible to the performance area; at least within line of site, but preferably right next to the said area.)
  • Water hookup and sewage hookup/pumping for the Motor Coach
  • Electric for Motor Coach (50 AMPS)
  • Two 30 amp electrical circuits for the AC unit and the sound system
  • Adequate lighting (preferably a self-generating 4 light tree) portable lighting system if shows are to be performed after sunset
  • Bleachers



Why should I hire the Disc-Connected K9s, as opposed to some other Frisbee Dog Show?
Since we get asked that question repeatedly by folks that have never seen our show; we decided to put in writing the qualifications of our team that differentiates us from the other 6 Frisbee/Disc Dog shows that are similar to ours.

1. The only performing team with a dog (actually 5 different World Champion Dogs) that has any World Championship Titles (2008 & 2010 AWI World Disc Dog Champion, "Harley Davidson", the 2010 Skyhoundz Disc Dog World Champion, " Flash" , the 2012 Skyhoundz World Disc Dog Pairs Champion, "Spencer", the 2013 Skyhoundz World Disc Dog Pairs Champion, “Indigo", and the 2014 Skyhoundz Overall World Disc Dog Champion, "Zorra" )

2. Sixty-two (62) combined World Finalist Frisbee Dog Appearances (That number is more than 6 times the total aggregate of all the other six performing teams)

3. Fifteen (15) World Finalist Dogs (That total is more than 6 times the aggregate of all the other six performing teams)

4. Only team to have a "World Record" holder, Zorra" set the world record for aggregate points (98) on September 27, 2014 in Coolidge Park, Chattanooga, TN during the 2014 World Championships Finals.

5. Only one of two the performing teams (the other one was only in the 2010 Finals) to have dogs in the World Finals in the past 10 years (including 2003-2014 consecutively)

6. The only team that has both Human and Canine World Frisbee/Disc Championship titles.

7. The only team to have won both the Skyhoundz & the AWI World Disc Dog Titles (& actually won them both in 2010, thus being the only person to ever win both in the same year.)

8. The only team that offers "Pairs" Freestyle performances (One dog & two humans; 2nd & 3rd Place finishing Pairs Teams at the 2010 World Disc Dog Championships, & 3rd & 4th in 2011; 1st & 3rd in 2012; and 1st, 2nd & 3rd in 2013.)

9. The only team that trains their members in disc handling skills, dog training, media interaction and presentation skills via a structured training class, with written materials.

10. All of our performing dogs are rescued. (Our show is RESCUE theme based)

11. All setup, (tents, banners, flags, inflatable's etc.....) materials, (discs, jerseys, shorts, etc......) and trailers are branded with our team logo. Trailers and Motor Coach are vinyl wrapped with logos and action photos; all for a more professional appearance at venues.

12. International performing experience, including Europe, Asia, South America and Canada.

13. Able to perform at ANY size venue; birthday parties to State Fairs, indoor or outside and one day to multiple months straight. (We have our own Custom Made Artificial Turf)

14. Fully insured through Lloyd's of London (have never had a claim filed) and USDA Compliant #58-C-0929 (have never been written up during any inspection, for any reason)

15. Have averaged 78% venue return rate from year to year for the last 5 years.

16. Have performed over 8,4futch00 shows.

17. Faith Based, Drug Free and 100% Dependable.
























Call 1-800-278-0002






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