FOR SALE.....American Heritage Pioneer Village - This One of a Kind exhibit shows what hard work and ingenuity has accomplished through the years. Patrons will learn about and witness Historically Correct demonstrations of how young America grew to today! Featuring a "Hands-on" museum, many tools and animals that helped build America, animal operated "machines" from years ago and so much more. Let's take a walk through our past.



ANIMAL FEST PETTING ZOO- Families of all ages love to get up close to our animals. With a wide variety of animals from farm animals to exotic. Including Mini zebu cattle, Highlander calves, Llamas, Alpacas, Camel, Donkey, Tortoise, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Chickens, Ducks, Wallaby, Emu, Zedonk, And more. All animals are friendly and love to meet new people. Cleanliness and safety are our top priorities. 



ANIMAL FEST RACERS- Pig and Duck Races will have your crowds going hog wild! We find the fastest pigs in the mid-west to go snout to snout to the finish line. Mixed in with Indiana Runner Ducks. Patrons will have a day at the fair that they will be talking about for years to come.



AUSSIE KINGDOM - Welcome to Aussie Kingdom! We will present many interesting facts about the different species of kangaroos and wallabies, along with native Australian birds such as the kookaburra and rainbow lorikeet. We currently have several different species of these wonderful marsupials (pouched animals). We also present information about their native land and the people of Australia. This is a high impact "wow" factor program which includes all the animals on display throughout the day for everyone to enjoy the wonderful antics of the animals at play.



BENGAL TIGER ENCOUNTER -This exotic animal production brings you an inspirational and educational program featuring the Incredible Bengal Tiger. On display all hours these tigers are helping to educate the public on the loss of habitat and the killing of tigers for profit in India and Asia. These tigers are loved and protected as well as cared for by loving trainers. They consume 12-14 lbs. of beef or chicken daily and undergo regular medical checkups by a certified Vet. .   



The BUTTERFLY ENCOUNTER - is a beautiful walk through experience with daily shows/demonstrations. The educational demonstrations educates the audience about the life cycle of a butterfly from the egg to the adult. One will also learn how to fix a broken butterfly wing, feed and interact with the buttertflies and butterfly kits are available so patrons can take home their very own butterfly.



CAVALLO EQUESTRIAN ARTS- is the product of seven generations of entertainment professionals and show producers. This wonderful show stands on the shoulders of its predecessors presenting to the world the most breathtaking, heart-pounding, edge of your seat equestrian extravaganza of all time. Let the swirling winds of passion transcend your audience as the age old fellowship of man and horse is brought to life in our gypsy themed show.



COW TOWN USA-This museum and live exhibit contains an old time creamery where patrons participate in preparing a cow for milking, milking by hand or machine, pasteurizing for a finished product. Through their bi-lingual demonstrations they show that agriculture has no barriers. Kids get hands-on experiences with the process of making butter and ice cream using historic tools and machines in these processes, and they learn the concept of “Home Made” just the way Grandma used to do it. Call for pricing


  The DARK KNIGHTS - An array of authentic equestrian games. High energy real life battles, vivid, raw ground to horse take downs, and the sheer excitement of a full contact joust. An action packed, Hollywood worthy Tournament, the Dark Knights are truly the heavyweights of medieval warfare.'' Call for pricing.

The World Famous Disc-Connected K9's Frisbee Dog Team, Inc. are an internationally acclaimed professional touring team comprised of some of the best Frisbee Dogs on the Planet. We have the 2008 & 2010 World Frisbee Dog Overall Champions - "Harley Davidson" & "Flash" ; and the 2012 Pairs World Disc Dog Champion - "Spencer", as well as 10 other different World Finalist dogs; and they are all rescued dogs!! Our team has literally performed all over the world in the past twenty years at all types of events; everything from Art & Music Festivals, Home and Garden shows, Motorcycle and Balloon Festivals, Themed City sponsored events to County and State Fairs.



EUDORA FARMS - Experience our interactive, hands on exotic animal petting zoo; it has been a popular attraction at many fairs and festivals throughout the southeast. They have 40-50 animals which include 15-20 rare and exotic species from around the world! The exhibit places the highest priority in cleanliness and professionalism which has helped to build a reputation of quality that's hard to find. Camel and/or Pony rides are also available throughout the day.



EXTREME RAPTOR SHOW-The show, produced by Raptor Project Inc. of New York hosts the largest travelling tour group of raptors in the world. Birds include endangered species from the arctic, desert, rainforest and many diverse habitats that will appear both center stage and overhead, free-flying in an aerial odyssey that both educates and entertains.



GRIZZLY EXPERIENCE-is an Educational Grizzly Bear show and Exhibit. We bring an in depth up close and personal look into the life of North Americas’ most prestigious predator, the Alaskan Grizzly Bear. Yogi, our 7 year old 600 pound Grizzly Bear and our two newest additions, Dottie and Lea, two "cubs" that delight crowds of all ages with their impressive sizes and amazing behaviors.  Throughout the day patrons will witness Yogi and the cubs interacting with their handler and showing the amazing bond between Grizzly and man. During the daily shows Yogi will demonstrate many of his natural behaviors and we will talk about bear safety, what to do if you encounter a bear in the wild and the bear species in North America.



HOLLYWOOD HORSES Tricks and Tales - Ever wonder how horses are trained to do tricks and movie stunts, this show gives incite too how the horses are not only trained but show's the learning and doing some of the amazing trick.



HOW THE WEST WAS FUN- One of the most popular horse attractions in the, featuring Roman riders, trick riders and much more. A one of a kind equine experience!



LIVE SHARK ENCOUNTER - This attraction is self contained with its own attractive canopy where patrons can sit in comfort and enjoy the sharks swimming in their specially designed aquarium. The show and exhibit combines education and entertainment all presented in a fun and entertaining format.



NERGER'S TIGERS - Proudly Presenting the Largest Group of performing Tigers in America.
10 plus Bengal Tigers including two white.



PANFILOV’S PERFORMING PETS - Andriy Bilobrov and Mayya Panfilova Show Us Man's "Best Friends' Like We've Never Seen.



The PUPPIES OF PENZANCE - This brisk, energetic dog show takes audiences on a jolly trip on a pirate ship manned by pups. Always a favorite, audiences will be blown away by this merry band of mutts and will watch with bated breath to see if Poochie will really walk the plank.




REPTILE ADVENTURES- Dan Connor is the owner of Reptile Adventures. He has been keeping and caring for reptiles for over 30 years. He educates, entertains and fascinates crowds of all ages as he shares his love, knowledge and respect for these amazing and intriguing animals. $9,000 per week.



SEA LION SPLASH SHOW- The only traveling, self-contained sea lion show in the United States. See close up how sea lions react in a natural setting. Learn how they act in the wild and how we can preserve them.



STINGRAYS -This wonderful exhibit is an all-day interactive exhibit featuring knowledgeable educators to teach your patrons.   The world’s only traveling, self-contained Stingray Exhibit!  Let your patrons safely view and touch these wonderful creatures during your event and receive a hands-on educational experience.



TRICKY DOGS SHOW - Rick Martin and his Tricky Dogs present a "Circus Style", Comedy Dog Act that is sure to entertain any audience. NOTE: This act only plays Alabama, Georgia and Florida dates!



WILD ABOUT MONKEYS - When a movie producer needs a performing baboon, chances are they will call Kevin and Martina Keith ~ the hosts of “Wild about Monkeys”. Training Baboons is their specialty. They believe baboons to be, by far the most socially intelligent primate. Combining the rare skills of excellent trainers and the incredible instincts of the wild as well as domestic animals with which they have become friends, Kevin and Martina will delight and amaze their audience with fun, education and great entertainment for the whole family. “Wild about Monkeys” is the only traveling animal exhibition that features trained baboons. The Mandrill baboon is the only one of his kind to be safely and humanely handled on stage today. Call for Pricing



WILDLIFE WENDY AND HER TROPICAL BIRDS - Provides an up-close and personal encounter with the most entertaining species of the bird world. Audiences are instantly intrigued by the majestic macaws as they present incredible physical abilities as well as their vivacious personalities. Crowds are amazed and laugh out loud at the antics of the talking and singing Parrots, while rarely seen species such as the Swainson’s Toucan and African Touraco captivate all! Utilizing the traditional favorites of trick - performing, mimicking and free-flight combined with fascinating facts, Wendy’s presentation is entertaining and thought-provoking! $7,500 - 8,500 per week depending on routing and location .



WOLF PACK- Enjoy an up close and personal encounter in the wolf “Discovery Zone” where visitors can learn about the differences between the Wolf and Coyote with a hands on experience.. Also they will learn about wolf preservation, the importance of their existence and the alternative ways of safely monitoring wolves in the wild.



WOLVES OF THE WORLD - The ONLY traveling wolf pack in the world. Show demonstrates natural behaviors of wolves, there alertness pack structure ability in climbing jumping and a whole lot more.


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