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Kevin’s Baboons have starred in Numerous Motion Pictures including
Blockbuster Film "EvaN ALMIGHTY"



Kevin's baboons have been in other motion
pictures and featured on TV. The Rapport
between animal and trainer is undeniably






A Way With Baboons!

When a movie producer needs a performing baboon, chances are they will call Kevin and Martina Keith ~ the hosts of “Wild about Monkeys”. Training Baboons is their specialty. They believe baboons to be, by far the most socially intelligent primate.

Combining the rare skills of excellent trainers and the incredible instincts of the wild as well as domestic animals with which they have become friends, Kevin and Martina will delight and amaze their audience with fun, education and great entertainment for the whole family. “Wild about Monkeys” is the only traveling animal exhibition that features trained baboons. The Mandrill baboon is the only one of his kind to be safely and humanely handled on stage today.

Wild About Monkeys from Capitol International Production on Vimeo.



Enjoying a little radio "air time"




"EXCELLENT!  Everyone that has seen the show
just loves it!"

Mary Maas, Gen. Mgr.
Budweiser Dairyland Super National
Monroe County Fair, July 2013







"Things went wonderful.  They drew a nice crowd."   

Chris Workman, CEO , Shasta District Fair

Kamila (above)

"Wild About Monkeys was a first rate show and Kevin and Martina were a joy to work with! Not only do they put on a show that had people returning the next day to see it again, they bent over backwards to cooperate with the press and Fair officials. They are professionals in the truest sense of the word and obviously take great pride and joy in what they do."

Mike Dyer
Bangor State Fair









Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Wow ... Did everyone love Lights, Camera and Animals(A.K.A. Wild About Monkeys)! We had to bring in extra bleachers on Thursday we had hay bales and two sets in the begining every show was crowded. The kid's just belly laughed at the shows Kevin and his wife do an excellent job with crowds and the baboons, who wouldn't love them! "
Diane Pool, Prowers County Fair, Lamar, CO



Dagney enjoying corn on the cob (below)






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