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The Multi-talented Nock Family


"The Nerveless Nocks and the Extreme Shark Encounter were VERY well received by the large audiences they drew and the satisfied sponsors. They were professionals throughout their entire stay with us.

Our recent festival was the most successful EVER, thanks in part to the drawing power of the two main shows that Capitol provided. Thanks again, it was a pleasure working with you, Rob, Michelangelo and Phillip."

Larry Bush, Chairman
Secretary of the Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions
Swartz Creek Hometown Days
Memorial day weekend 2013




The Nerveless Nocks are descendants of the Swiss Circus Family Nock and are among the most respected aerial stunt artists in the world today.Since 1954, The Nerveless Nocks have been thrilling audiences across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and world-wide.In every theme park, state fair, theater and circus where it has appeared and headlined, the fully produced arena show has set records for enthusiastic public response, attendance and publicity.The Nerveless Nocks Thrill Shows has been the most successful continuing attraction ever presented in any amusement park or fair, world-wide.

Sensational Sky-High Swaypoles!Featuring a hand-over-hand climb to the top of a breathtaking aerial exchange from pole to pole, and an unbelievable headfirst free-fall back to the ground(1-8 poles).(return to All-American Thrill Shows)

The Astro Nocks Daring Spacewheel!This fast-paced act will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. While revolving on the aerial pendulum, the Nocks perform leaps, somersaults, handstands and actually walk the wheel blind-folded.(3 different size wheels, as well as a Double Spacewheel are available).(return to All-American Thrill Shows)

The Skykings Skycycle!A thin-stretched steel cable is the aerial highway for the Skykings as they balance a motorcycle with a trapeze attached underneath. This act is packed with death-defying aerial maneuvers!(return to All-American Thrill Shows)

Nock The Clown!This award-winning comedy entertainer can perform chair-stacking, juggling, unicycling, as well as comedy actics on the wire and trampoline.Nock the Clown is truly a versatile slap-stick artist!(return to All-American Thrill Shows)

Michelangelo Nock Producer, Director of The Nerveless Nocks Thrill Shows. The Nocks Globe of Fear! A giant 17-foot steel globe. One to three motorcycle stunt riders race at high speeds narrowly missing each other as they race upside down. A spectacular daredevil show!( Four globes available).


The Daring Sway Pole Stunt Will Leave You Breathless!




Below, Watch this Amazing, 2-Man/Woman Sway Pole Stunt!

Nerveless Nocks Sway Poles - Drone Footage - GA National Fair 2017 from
Capitol International Production on Vimeo.













"On behalf of everyone at Quassy Amusement Park we want to thank you and the Nerveless Nocks for bringing the great show to the park this summer. Mike and company performed – in all respects – a miniature three-ring circus for our guests with the “All American Thrill Spectacular.” The show was exactly as billed.

It was certainly a pleasure working with Mike."


Ron Gustafson
Director of marketing and public relations
Quassy Amusement Park



A Genuine Nerveless Nocks postcard
Switzerland ~ 1840
















See the Exciting, Arial Motorcycle Stunt!


 Mike performs a thrilling hand-stand on the already daring tower of chairs!















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