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Wildlife Wendy and her tropical birds provide an up-close and personal encounter with the most entertaining species of the bird world. Audiences are instantly intrigued by the majestic macaws as they present incredible physical abilities as well as their vivacious personalities.


    Crowds are amazed and laugh out loud at the antics of the talking and free-flight parrots, while the rarely seen African Turaco captivates all! Utilizing the traditional favorites of trick-performing, mimicking and free-flight combined with fascinating facts; Wendy presents an upbeat show that inspires respect for all wildlife!


Wendy with her Macaw from the set of Geico commercial. Oct. 2016

World Recod Video Below


. Skipper's (macaw) Commercial Debut

Promo Video Below

Wildlife Wendy & Her Tropical Birds at Six Flags New England w/ Raptors from Capitol International Production on Vimeo.







Interactive, Educational Fun for the Whole Family!






Wildlife Wendy & her Tropical Birds have been in Movies, on TV, Comercials and Radio


Wendy with her Macaw "Skipper" on set for the GMC commercial. Oct. 2016






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