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Wildlife Wendy and her tropical birds provide an up-close and personal encounter with the most entertaining species of the bird world. Audiences are instantly intrigued by the majestic macaws as they present incredible physical abilities as well as their vivacious personalities.


"Wildlife Wendy drew in a full crowd for every one of her shows and very generously had birds openly on display for all afternoon between shows, sharing with anyone who wanted to talk about the birds or get their photo taken with a tropical bird on the shoulder. We have seen other bird shows send the bird out to get dollar bills from members of the audience. Wendy sent the bird back to return the bill. Lots of love!

Wendy and Steve instantly become a part of our fair and temporary community. We would like to keep them permanently. Especially because Steve is a roofer and we are much in need of such expertise. Wendy did a good job of explaining why people should consider very seriously the challenges of adopting  a long lived tropical bird, typically with hormonal problems causing feather plucking. That is a good service.

That some of the birds are in free flight during each of the shows is especially appreciated. Also while they are on display on their perches, they are impressively without any restriction, in open air under the cover of the pop-up tent, attended by Wendy or Steve to relate with visitors. Wendy's show drew a full audience for every show, better than most other entertainers hired commercially.

It was Wendy's stage/display area that "sold us" on bringing here here. We had two other animal acts available, but they didn't have even their own tent, which their animals required, for overnight security, as well as daytime appeal. We know for a fact that some people came "through the gate" for the single purpose of attending the bird show. One woman even said that she thought that it was probably because she was tickled by the name, Wildlife Wendy. Wendy more than fulfilled every aspect of pleasing our fairgoers. Thanks for helping."
August 2018 , Curry Fair ~ Mureen and Valerie


    Crowds are amazed and laugh out loud at the antics of the talking and free-flight parrots. Utilizing the traditional favorites of trick-performing, mimicking and free-flight combined with fascinating facts; Wendy presents an upbeat show that inspires respect for all wildlife!


Wendy with her Macaw from the set of Geico commercial. Oct. 2016




"We loved having her here! Very informative shows and kept the crowd engaged
(she always had a crowd!).Thank you!"

Micaela Halvorson, Crook Co Fair.


World Recod Video Below


. Skipper's (macaw) Commercial Debut



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Wildlife Wendy & Her Tropical Birds at Six Flags New England w/ Raptors from Capitol International Production on Vimeo.






Interactive, Educational Fun for the Whole Family!

"It was our pleasure to welcome Wildlife Wendy at the North Iowa Fair. Fairgoers and guests packed the bleachers for Wildlife Wendy's Tropical Birds shows and thoroughly enjoyed her entertaining, educational and informative features. I strongly recommend Wildlife Wendy for any event looking to engage an all ages audience with colorful displays and thoughtful content."

Jason Baumann, North Iowa Events Center







Wildlife Wendy & her Tropical Birds have been in Movies, on TV, Comercials and Radio


Wendy with her Macaw "Skipper" on set for the GMC commercial. Oct. 2016






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