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Welcome to Aussie Kingdom!

Owned by Carolyn Lantz, this is the Only Traveling Australian Animal Show in the United States.

Australia is one of the most unique countries in the world, especially when it comes to wildlife! You'll see kangaroos, wallabies, walleroos and other native Australian wildlife that you only hear and read about, but never dreamed you would be able to touch and hold these amazing animals.  Aussie Kingdom offers this opportunity of a lifetime with three educational and entertaining stage shows a day, along with an ongoing display of the animals at fairs and festival around the country.

Along with our 3 daily shows, the audience can see many interesting facts about the different species of kangaroos and wallabies, along with native Australian birds such as the kookaburra and rainbow lorikeets. Currently, Carolyn has 8 different species of these wonderful marsupials, (pouched animals).This is a high impact "WOW" factor program which includes all the animals on display throughout the day for everyone to enjoy the wonderful antics of the animals at play.


"I appreciate all that you did to bring Aussie Kingdom to the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in 2012. The show was well received by all and we leave the door open for a return in the future.

Many thanks for being a part of our Fair and we wish you the best for next year and years to come. Marty"

Martin E. Svrcek, CFE Executive Director
Montgomery County Agricultural Center Inc.

"They were great and excellent to work with."
Candi Briley

"Things are going great with Aussie.  Carolyn is very good with the guests and the animals are well cared for, healthy and lively!  We are happy that we booked this act for our Fair." JOELLE REED, Clovis NM, Aug.18,2016

Have You ever been this close to a Kangaroo?
Now You can during the Aussie Kingdom Show!





























The Aussie Kingdom show can be indoors or out doors!


S. FL Fair, West Palm   Jan. 2009





Arieal shot of the out door set up
























Visitors may explore our featured wildlife, many of which are found no where else but in the world Down Under, Australia. We offer entertaining and educational shows appearing three times daily and consist of complete interactive areas with interesting facts about the animals of Aussie Kingdom and include Aboriginal art, instruments and other exciting fun features.









Letter from Barnstable Fair guest/visitor

Hi Carolyn,
"My family and I visited the fair on Friday and were so happy to see your exhibit (particularly my 8yr old son, Ryan).  He just loves Kangaroos and draws their pictures all the time.  He was so excited to be able to touch them and awe-struck to be able to actually hold a baby.  He can't stop looking at the picture and talking bout it.   When he was handed the baby, he said "I can see myself at home with this baby right now".  Too cute. Just wanted to thank you and your assistant for allowing us the opportunity to interact with these beautiful animals.  It was such a rewarding experience for all of us.  
We look forward to seeing you next year!"
Thank you again, Mary






Photo opportunities are always available















For more information ,

Call 1-800-278-0002







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