Watch in amazement how these drummers make music with five-gallon water bottles, barstools and pots & pans.


The Procrastinators Strolling Act
Three outrageous drummers turn five-gallon water bottles, barstools and pots & pans into legitimate musical instruments while jumping, sliding, twisting and stomping their way through seven minutes of fast and furious rhythmic fun. Performed by qualified, classically trained professional musicians, this innovative and refreshing act is equally at home before an audience of families, at fairs and festivals, at a shopping mall or as the opening act at a corporate event. The group was recently featured in a documentary aired on a cable television news magazine program. The documentary recently won two press awards.

The Procrastinators Strolling Act (x2)
This act is twice the trio routine, with DOUBLE the professional performers. This show is very visual and extremely exciting to watch. It is has twice the performers, twice the juggling and twice the excitement as the three-member act. Our six-member routine is a drum line styled show that is a sure winner with each and every audience.

The Procrastinators Stage Show
Imagine three friends strolling through town when one stumbles upon a collection of musical junk! This stage show is just thatů"found percussion," played on stage, performed by professional musicians. Influences from Africa, Brazil, Japan, Latin America, Hip-Hop and drum line are heard throughout the show, where everything from barstools to trashcans to shopping carts are put to use during the 15 to 45 non-stop minutes. Debuted recently in Atlanta, the show was well received and will return to Georgia again next year.






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Last modified: Aug. 4, 2014