The Xpogo Stunt Team is the World’s Best Extreme Pogo Demo Crew. Featuring Championship Pro Athletes flying over 10 Feet in the air on extreme pogo sticks, throwing down flips and incredible tricks, the Xpogo Stunt Team brings the sport to you.  With fans across the globe, and new followers after every show, Xpogo Stunt Team Pros are a hit everywhere, every time.

----------------Performed over 10,000 Shows / Performed in 23 Countries / Team holds 13 Guinness World Records--------------

There are two types of shows- the CLASSIC SHOW or the PREMIUM SHOW.

CLASSIC SHOW: This is the Street Show that made Extreme Pogo known around the globe. The world’s best Pro Athletes and Pro Pogo Sticks, with basic hand-held Props entertain with a 15-20 Minute Show. Shows can have a lot of variety based upon the number of athletes chosen, and are designed to draw in crowds, engage them quickly, and then let them disperse.  They comprise of:



  • PREMIUM SHOW: This is a new format for 2019. The Premium Show includes all of the elements of the
    Classic Show, but is designed for an Arena setting, with a custom-tailored Set-Up, ideally with bleachers. The
    Premium Show is for clients that really want to go big, and features several elite stunts:
    One common Premium Show Set-Up Option (although each Premium Show is customized for the client):




  • SHOW LENGTHS: (3) 15-25 minute shows per day - up to (4) 15-25 minute shows per day on peak day, can
    be discussed
    - Preference to have show times space 45-60 minutes apart.
    SHOW SUPPLIES (range depending upon Classic or Premium show):
    - Performers, Pogo Sticks,
  • - Travel Into Market, Ground Transport, Per Diem
    - Classic Show Props and/or Premium Show Props as specified in contract
    - Banners, Flags, Tent, and MISC Signage
    - Attached rider requirements
    - Sound & Lights
    - 1 double hotel room for every 2 performers from one night prior through the duration of the event
    - Space as specified in layouts, including police/bike barricades for banners (25’x25’ - 40’x40’ depending
    upon Show Type) surrounding performance area
    - Optional - Can make use of several Show-Themed props in the Classic or Premium Shows (i.e. Cars,
    Sponsored Boxes/Blocks, Stage, etc....) Any incorporated props will be under the liability of the buyer.
    - Preferred dimensions: 25’(L) x 35’(W) x 20’(H) for Classic and 40’(L) x 40’(W) x 20’(H) for Premium
    - For Larger Shows: Preference of 1/2 - 3/4 Bleacher Set-up
    - Separate Green Room / Dressing Room / Storage area for resting and managing equipment between
    - Dedicated Space. Depending upon the scope, will take up to 3 hours to set-up one-time only.
    - Performers located nationwide - Fly/Drive/Train
    - Can perform at up to 5 venues at one time.
    - 2018 Video Highlight Reel:
    - 31 Million+ View Viral Video with Dude Perfect:
    - 2 Million+ View Viral Video with Devin Supertramp:
    - Logo Kit:
    - Madison Square Garden | CNE | Texas State Fair | NBA | Calgary Stampede | Nickelodeon... and more
    COST: (Can provide max of 16 athletes at one event)
    NOTE: 1 double hotel room would also need provided per every 2 Performers


CLASSIC SHOW PRICING - Negotiable depending upon Routing

PREMIUM SHOW PRICING - Negotiable depending upon Scope



Footprint / Storage Room

- Preferred dimensions of 30’ (L) x 25’ (W) x 20’ (H) (but overall, we are very flexible)
o Standard Police/Bike Barricades surrounding Xpogo Footprint (if at Fair/Festival) for
crowd safety and so Xpogo can hang Fence Mesh Banners, so as to create an exciting look/feel
Larger Spaces will drown out the athletes. The dimensions above, with proper barricading are
o Spacing shouldn’t be too tight (for safety) or too broad (diluted by dead space)
o 30’x25’x20’ is the perfect balance of safe and intimate
o Larger or smaller spaces are okay - especially if the show involves props or the space is
unique - but must be approved through Xpogo first
- Space should be permanent for longer-run events (i.e., not collapsed down each day)
- Ideal set-up is 3/4 bleachers or standing audience - if in an arena/fair/festival setting.
- Separate Green Room / Dressing Room / Storage area for longer-run bookings
- Flooring must be extremely durable and not slick. Asphalt, non-slip carpet, unpolished
concrete, hard packed dirt, rubberized track, AstroTurf, or tennis-like surface are great. Grass is not
- Deeply supported stage flooring with frequent bracing may be acceptable - once approved by
Xpogo. NOTE that most stages are not durable enough for the pogo sticks - each rider will produce
500+ pounds of force concentrated into a half-dollar sized area.
- Raised flooring, in general, is not safe - unless it is NBA-grade, in which case Xpogo can
provide rubber flooring covering that will protect the floor without incident. Any basketball/wood
flooring grade that is less-than-professional runs the risk of damage - which is assumed by Client - and
can be mitigated by moving the performance outdoors or onto a non-raised surface. To note: NBA-
grade surfaces have been inspected and are safe for use with Xpogo Rubber Matting.
- Marble, polished surfaces, TV studio flooring, arena / professional NBA-grade basketball court
flooring, are durable, but slippery and will require flooring covering (carpet runners, etc.) provided by
client. Xpogo can provide flooring if needed, additional shipping costs will be applied.
- Lighting or wires lower than 18’ above performance space must be removed.
Audio [only if applicable to event type - Xpogo may provide audio]
- (1-2) Wireless in-hand microphones
- Wireless head microphone
- Basic Amplification System
- Access to 1/8-inch stereo input for iPod - access to iPod within performance space (if not
possible, a sound technician must be available to change tracks)
- Must be clear and consistent lighting on the full footprint of the jumping surface.
- If the event is taking place at night or inside a venue with low lighting, additional lighting must
be put in place for the safety of the stunts, until the surface is fully lit.
- Spotlights or direct overhead lighting are preferred for stage and arena settings
- Easily accessible water-source or (6) bottled waters for athletes

- On-Site trained EMTs or On-Call Medical


Jump Boxes: For all premium shows the following jump boxes should be constructed as they are
necessary for performing some of the premium stunts. For classic shows clients may choose to build these
boxes as well


































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Last modified: October 24, 2018