The BMX PROS STUNT SHOW- features the world’s most extreme bicycle stunt riders in a spectacular, non-stop, action-packed show that can feature our Half Pipe and/or Quarter Pipe accompanied by our box jumps. Our BMX bike show has entertained millions of people around the world. The BMX Pros Stunt Team will bring to your venue the same championship talent that competes in the X-Games. This crowd-pleasing event is definitely a must see to believe attraction that will amaze your audience.



CIRQUE EQUINOX - The dream, the reality of, Cirque Equinox, combines one of the oldest and most respected circus dynasties in history with a Broadway theatrical Flair. The talented ensemble presents shows ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours in length. By special request, unique productions are created for corporate events, television spots and commercials. Over 600 costumes, hats, masks, and props have been created and gathered from all over the World for this unique show. $14,000 per week. (Note this show can be done on a stage or free standing with their own rigging on the grounds.)



CIRQUE EXTREME - The Nocks are proud to present their all new show The Original CIRQUE EXTREME .... Featuring The Globe of Death Motorcycle Steel Ball, The Legendary Wheel of Steel, The Aerial Extreme Swing (Cloud Swing), The Tower of Chairs, Aerial Fabric. Our New Show combines live modern music, The most beautiful Costumes, Theatrical Set, Concert Lighting and Sound. These award winning Cirque Artists will have you amazed with their world Class Talents and Skills. NOTE: The Towering Sway Poles can be added to CIRQUE EXTREME upon request.



CIRCUS HOLLYWOOD - Americas most dazzling circus where dreams are made.100 years of helping and entertaining families. Circus Hollywood is a big top complete package!



DAREDEVILS and WHEELS - Combines Amazing Motorcycle Stunts, Extreme Aerial Death Defying performances along with some of the most talented performers in the world.



Daredevils and Wheels Moto Stunt Spectacular- Grandstand Show - A Live Stunt Spectacular featuring Daredevil Motorcycle Stunts and Aerial Acrobatics. Daredevils and Wheels combines Amazing Motorcycle Stunts, Extreme Aerial Death Defying performances along with some of the most talented performers in the world.  The show will keep the entire family at the edge of their seat from beginning to end. They have performed with Metallica at the Orion Festival in Detroit for over 150 thousand spectators, The Super Bowl Half Time Show in Houston, The FEDEX Citrus Bowl, Disney World, Epcot Center, and Six Flags Amusement Parks plus many more.



THE EXTREME MOTORCYCLE THRILL SHOW- An incredible troupe of world champion thrill performers from Bern Switzerland with over seven generations of entertainment expertise.  A show filled with dare devil acrobatics the whole family will enjoy 



JETPACK FLYING WATER CIRCUS - Incredible demonstrations and stunts as done in the legendary, pioneering, Tommy Bartlett show. A Jet pack is thrust 40- 50 feet in the air. Once high in the air, talented stuntmen perform aerial daredevil turns, flips and breath-taking stunts all inside and above a 4’ deep, portable Olympic size pool. The Jet Packs are powered by a jet ski with an attached 4"hose, sending them up with an enormous thrust. The show is all accompanied by exciting music and an emcee who explains the mechanics and dangers of the sport and that this is a sport only for professionals.  These jet packs, flying boards and the stuntmen are all part of the many productions available and produced by the Nerveless Nocks Productions. 



THE NERVELESS NOCKS ALL AMERICAN STUNT AND THRILL SHOW - A troupe of World Champion thrill performers from Bern Switzerland with over seven generations of entertainment expertise. Defying destiny - The Astro Nocks; Internationally recognized Giant Space Wheel extravaganza; 2 Sway Poles. $14,000 per week.



NOCK'S EXTREME WATER SKI & ARIAL STUNT SHOW-The Greatest Show Skiers and Stunt professionals in the world! The Show represents over 56 years of experience in producing outdoor stunt show spectaculars. The show combines the talents of the Tommy Bartlett Showand the Nocks Hollywood Stunts all original productions to produce this one of a kind ski spectacular for the entire family.



THE PIRATES OF THE SKY- is a one of a kind family thrill show. Unique in the world, the pirates defy gravity 50 ft in the air revolving head over heals on a giant aerial anchor.  The Sky Pirates slide up side down hanging by their ankles on a high wire and at the very last minute the high wire breaks in half throwing the stunt pirates in different directions in mid air.  Themed to music with a complete story line this test of courage is themed "to the winner go the spoils".  Las Vegas costuming, fully insured and with a pirate themed Hollywood show set. This show has been featured around the world including Mexico City for Coca Cola, Disney California and Orlando, Super Bowl 2004, Maxim Magazine Party and many more. Call for pricing


  ROCKETMAN VALENCIA - Chachi “The Rocketman” Valenica makes his living as a Human Cannonball being shot from a cannon; free flying through the air at speeds of (55mph), heights of over (65 ft), and distances of (165ft). He lands in a narrow net, set (20ft) off of the ground and rocks the crowds every time when he hits his target at the center and takes off his helmet in a heartfelt victory salute. The Rocketman defeats gravity once again. The Rocketman Valencia has twenty three years of Human Cannonball experience.

The Rocketman has performed as a Human Cannonball in the world’s biggest events.

Not only was he the 2012 London Olympics’ jaw dropping finishing bang to their closing ceremonies, televised to (billions) of people around the globe, he was also the secret weapon in Rio De Janeiro’s 2014 Carnival competition (witnessed by an audience of millions) and becoming the first person ever to shoot 6 times in 40 minutes atop a giant moving float. Chachi Valencia soars over the big rides at fairs and amusement parks in the USA, making newspaper headlines and bringing instant PR attention to every venue he’s in. He was famously featured last summer in a BBC special news report along with his wife, Robin Valencia, the only female human cannonball in Europe.



TEAM BIG AIR (“OFFICIAL DUNK TEAM OF THE DALLAS MAVERICKS”)- Founded by former Dallas Mavericks mascot Jeff Goodin, Team Big Air has been performing their exciting brand of acrobatic slam dunking all over the world for more than a decade. They have performed at half-time for every NBA team and more than 200 universities! They also perform at corporate events and State Fairs nationally.  Team Big Air’s unique combination of high energy / death defying dunks and comedy routines make Team Big Air a one of a kind world class attraction.



THEMED HIGH DIVE SHOWS - World Class diving mixed with comedy, music and breathtaking thrills.  Several different themes available including:  Sinbad, Arctic Games, Jungle Island, Splash Circus, Tropical Adventure and Alcatraz.   



THRILL AMERICA~ Outdoor Thrill Circus -World’s Largest Outdoor Thrill Circus! We have 100 years of helping and entertaining families. Thrill America is the complete package.



TIMBERWORKS LUMBERJACK SHOW - An exciting, entertaining, educational adventure into the past with World Champion Lumberjacks you’ve seen on the ESPN Great Outdoor Games…a unique blend of sport, history and comedy that guarantees fun for the whole family. Offers the most professional and eye-catching show arena in the marketplace. Their portable stages guarantee the best presentation to your customers. Commitment to quality and customer service is unparalleled. Call for pricing.



VORTEX OF DOOM- towering over 40 feet over the ground, as audience members are stunned and captivated as the Vortex of Doom Stunt Team performs the worlds greatest Motorcycle Stunts Wheelie's, Triple back flips, Hollywood stunts, The aerial Toe hang, The helicopter spin while spinning over the edge at high speeds. This is a brand new revolutionary show and set unique to the stunt and entertainment world.



WORLD OF WONDERS_ American Favorite Family Show! - Presenting 10 unusual and amazing sideshow acts under a Big Top Tent with and elaborate façade. This show is combined with the Escape Explosion Show which is a fully self-contained show with amazing escapes from ropes, chains, hand cuffs, Giant whiskey barely and for the finale and upside down straight jacket escape on and elaborate 30-foot-tall aerial rigging.



THE XPOGO STUNT TEAM is the best extreme pogo performance team in the world. Jumping over 9 feet in the air on next-generation pogo sticks while throwing down flips and incredible tricks, The Xpogo Stunt Team athletes create crowds in an instant and keep them engaged until the final bounce. The Xpogo Stunt Team has headlined in 17 Countries, appeared in numerous TV Shows, Music Videos, Commercials, and Movies, and collectively holds 13 Current Guinness World Records.



Xtreme Motocross FMX Jumping & Ball Of Steel Spectacular - Experience the Xtreme Excitement of Freestyle Motocross motorcycle stunt shows.  You’ve witnessed Freestyle Motocross on networks such as ESPN, ABC and NBC, now you can bring FMX motorcycle stunt shows to your area. FMX & Ball of Steel Show has highly experienced, highly qualified, and very dependable riders.  This show will fit in any format ranging from small arenas to large stadiums. Call for pricing.    

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