BRAD BODARY - As a skilled circus clown and seasoned street performer, a bronze statue, “The Human Mannequin”, a silent clown or strolling stiltwalker, all of these zany characters are versatile enough to work virtually any location at your event… Whether greeting the guest at the front entrance, drawing and holding an audience on the midway, or featured as a preshow entertainment working the crowd at grandstand and mainstage concerts and other events. $5,600 per week plus one hotel room.



BRUCE SARAFIAN - WORLD RECORD JUGGLER! Shows include lots of highly skilled technical juggling, comedy, audience participation, elements of danger, unicycling and also the very unusual super tall 3 wheeled unicycle and much more. Appropriate for all ages. Bruce Sarafian has held juggling WORLD RECORDS consistently since 1993 to this very day and has been listed in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for many years now!



DINOSAUR WALK- is a giant, anatomically perfect, totally realistic T-Rex puppet over 8’ tall and 12’ long! This astonishing creature provides an amazing and entertaining experience both for children and their parents. 



FONEBOT - Life size, walking/talking interactive robot capable of interacting with guests. The robot has replaceable “app” panels for advertising and branding. An on-board video display can play slide shows and/or video presentations. FoneBot is fully mobile, has moving head/eyes, can shake hands and hand out souvenirs or drinks and snacks.



FRITTERS - The Fritters (A.K.A. Ragoo, Tubbs Dewberry or Tubbs (Duck) and Fritter himself) are a select group of friendly, furry characters that stroll around the fairgrounds begging for attention. Where there’s melting ice-cream, sticky faces and unsuspecting family members, Fritter’s is sure to be close by. The young and young at heart will love these adorable characters. They bring a smile to everyone around!



Prehistoric Dinosaur Adventures - brings together our Unique Mobil Prehistoric walk thru Dinosaur Museum and thrilling up-close encounter with The King of Dinosaurs, "Tyrannosaurus Rex!"



PROCRASTINATORS - Watch three outrageous drummers turn five-gallon water bottles, barstools and pots & pans into legitimate musical instruments while jumping, sliding, twisting and stomping their way through fast and furious rhythmic fun. Performed by qualified, classically trained professional musicians. COST: $8,750 per week (3 performers) plus 2 hotel rooms.*Stage show also available, call for pricing.



ROBOT RANGERS - Strolling robots, ROYALE, 8'6" and MAXIMUS G....7' feet tall. Patron will find Royale and Maximus G very approachable and fun to interact with. They are wonderful for meet and greets, photos opps ans spreading smiles wherever they go. The Robot Rangers work well with sponsorship too.



ROLLO- 10 foot Rollo creates comedy in crowded situations. He uses comedic bits and improvised skits to attract attention around him resulting in laughter.  comical dance and movement, rope jumping, audience participation, and, oh yea, he shrinks himself - all on stilts!



SCOTT'S CRAZY COMEDY MAGIC SHOW - is one of the strongest 1-man shows around.  Hilarious Audience Participation, Comedy Magic & Family Fun are what to expect.  New Portable version is now available. The show is, “wherever you want it to be.”



SPECIAL HEAD- If you watched America's Got Talent, then you most likely caught the performance of the one of the most talked about acts in the history of the show, Special Head, and his amazing levitation. Immediately upon performing it, it went viral, generating millions upon millions of views online. Special Head is great for strolling events such as fairs and festivals and does his amazing levitation in the open space, indoors or out.  A unique performer that is guaranteed to grab and keep everyone's attention.



STREET BREAKZ - StreetBreakz has been thrilling audiences young and old for over 10 years.  This show features amazing streJohnson is the only person in the world that does this type of show with a very special balloon. His legendary balloon stunet dancing, acrobatic flips, and the raw humor of the street.  Street Breakz has performed all around the world and have been featured performers on Monday Night Football, BET Spring Bling with Flo Rida, the Ellen DeGeneres Show and numerous national tours and promotions. s



THOSE FUNNY LITTLE PEOPLE~are mobile puppet characters with polished performances that are a mix of comedy, music, dance and audience interaction. With their expressive, animated faces and intricate choreography, the Little People put on shows that have amazed and entertained audiences of all ages.
Requirements for One Character (Strolling Only)



WORLD RECORD BALLOON STUNT SHOW James t has travel all across North America and as far as China! He currently holds the record of 18 adults inside a giant 6 foot latex balloon. It's a show that you have to see to believe! James performs with high energy and creativity that delivers rapid-fire award winning comedy with unique magical effects, spontaneous comic routines, astonishing daredevil stunts, fast paced knee slapping music and interactive audience participation. It's total entertainment from beginning to end.


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